👑 LASH PREP Part 1: Trimming! ✂️✨

👑 LASH PREP Part 1: Trimming! ✂️✨

Let's talk LASH PREP ✂️👑✨ The first stage of your lash prep should always be trimming your lashes to fit your lash line perfectly. This is an essential stage in your preparation before applying your lashes to ensure the perfect fitting lashes for flawless results! 

Step 1: Remove your lashes from the tray carefully, starting from the outer corners.

Step 2: Using a strip lash applicator, hold the lashes up along your lash line to estimate the amount you'll need to trim off.

Step 3: Using a pair of beauty scissors, carefully trim your lashes to the correct size to fit your lash line, cutting from the outer corner.

Et voilà! Check back for part 2 next week!  



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