Half Lashes vs Full Lashes - Which are Best For You?

Half Lashes vs Full Lashes - Which are Best For You?

We all know just how much of an impact lashes have on your overall makeup, they really do bring a look together! The question is… which type of lashes should you be going for? There are so many different options out there, and which type you go for really does come down to personal preference. 

Half lashes are a relatively new false lash trend that’s taken social media by storm, and it’s really not hard to see why! The question is, which is better - half lashes or full lashes? Read on for our thoughts. Spoiler alert, we love both options equally…

Why we love half lashes

So, let’s start off with half lashes. Half lashes are exactly what they sound like, they’re half the size of regular lashes and are applied to the outer corner of your eyes. These types of falsies add volume and gorgeously enhance the look of your natural lashes.

When applied only to the outer corners, half lashes elongate the eye and add a subtle finish to your makeup look. There are even certain styles available that gradually get thicker towards the outer corner to perfectly define the eye. 

Half lashes are a great option for those looking for a natural makeup look or even for day-time when you’re looking for something a little more understated.

Our fave half lashes…

Here’s some of our fave half lashes right now:

Best Seller: #Demi Lash Collection Vault

Great for small eyes: #Over You

Bold Half Lashes: #Flirt

Why we love full lashes

Moving onto the classic false lash style - full strip lashes. These lashes certainly bring the drama. 

Full lashes are bold and beautiful and absolutely perfect for a full glam makeup look. They’re also available in so many different styles, so there really is an option to suit all tastes, occasions and eye shapes. Full lashes can be cut to size and then simply applied across the entire lash line to make your eye makeup pop.

Our fave full lashes…

Here’s some of our trending full strip lashes that we LOVE right now:

Round shape lash: #D61 

Full and Fluffy Lash: #Iconic

Which style is best for you?

The best kind of lashes for you really comes down to personal preference and the look you’re wanting to achieve! Half lashes are perfect for those who are wanting a more natural look or are perhaps new to the false lash game. On the flipside, full strip lashes are ideal for those wanting a more dramatic, night time-look.

We’d highly recommend trying a few different lash styles to work out which you like the best. Plus, this approach means you’ll always have options to suit any occasion!

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