Quality Control

At PrimaLash we are committed to ensuring you are happy with our products.

Due to the nature of such delicate items, we wish to draw your attention to the following:

Mink Lashes

Mink is a natural product and no two pieces of hair are identical. All lashes are handmade and therefore you should always expect some variation between each eyelash. The overall effect of the style should not be affected. Care should be taken when removing the product from the tray. Start at the corner and gently peel away. Pulling the lash from the middle may cause breakage. In the unlikely event that you have received a faulty product please contact our customer care team. Our mink fur is sourced by gently brushing live animals. Our factories only use humane methods and the mink are never killed for their fur.

5 Pack Basics

Our 5 pair pack basics lashes are entry-level, synthetic eyelashes. Please consider the low price when assessing quality. We strongly recommend this range for training or personal use. We have many superior quality products available should you prefer.

Professional Lashes

We are very proud of the quality of these handmade lashes. The human hair range are knotted and feathered by hand, a skill that is owned by very few. The hair is voluntarily sourced, and sterilised and coated before being made into eyelashes. The soft touch synthetic range create a voluminous look while the dainty range are lightweight and fluffy. We very rarely receive any complaints however if you have questions please get in touch.


We offer a range of lash adhesives on our site which are not manufactured by PrimaLash. You should carefully check the ingredients of each product before use to make an informed decision on whether the product is suitable for your skin type. We recommend applying a test patch on skin at least 48 hours prior to use to ensure compatibility. PrimaLash cannot be responsible for any loss or injury resulting in the use of any adhesives purchased via this website. Allergic reactions are not common and DUO eyelash adhesives are used worldwide and are very safe, however, each individual is different.

For any further questions please email sales@primalash.co.uk