Lashes vs. Mascara: Why Lashes Win

Lashes vs. Mascara: Why Lashes Win

Mascara promises to lengthen, volumise and darken your lashes, but how often do they truly deliver? More often than not, you end up with clumps and smudges! Mascara can be a total hit or miss, and the search for the perfect product for you can be a bit of a mind field.

Both lashes and mascara have their benefits, but if you’re looking for a show-stopping and glamorous look, lashes often come out on top. So let’s delve into why lashes win in our opinion:

Flawless, Predicatable Results Every Day

With lashes from Prima, you can start every single day with stunning lashes. No stressing about applying mascara evenly. You can ensure a consistently gorgeous eye look that you can rely on time and time again.

Daily Customisation

We offer a HUGE collection of lash styles to choose from, so you can achieve the exact look you want every time. Whether you want natural, glamorous or somewhere in between, there’s a style for you. Plus, you can customise the length, thickness and curl to match your preferences daily. 


Unlike mascara that needs constant touch-ups and reapplication, some of our lash ranges can be applied to the eye and kept on for up to a week. If this sounds right up your street, make sure you check out our Boujee On A Budget lashes.

We're Leaving Mascara Mishaps in 2024!

Mascara application can be a tricky business, and one wrong move can ruin your entire look. With our lashes, you can say goodbye to those mascara mishaps and hello to consistently flawless lashes. 

Of course, we’re not knocking mascara entirely. However, when it comes to consistent, hassle-free and utterly stunning lashes our lashes are your go-to. Shop our range of lashes online here.

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