Primalash’s Ultimate Guide to the Do’s & Don’ts of Strip Lashes! ✨

Primalash’s Ultimate Guide to the Do’s & Don’ts of Strip Lashes! ✨

Here at Primalash, we have over 400 different strip lash styles, and we’re going to show you our simple guide of what to do, and what not to do with them. Strip lashes are a quick, hassle-free way to look super glam (but without the maintenance that comes with lash extensions or individual lashes!) We are HUGE lovers of strip lashes, however, they do have some very important “rules” which you must follow to get the best results.



  • Choose a lash style which suits your desired look. If you want to go full glam, #Savage, #D43 or #N100 would be great choices! If you’re after a more natural, everyday look, #Vibes, #P504 or  #D22 are our go-to styles! 
  • Make sure to measure your strip lashes against your lash line, before trimming to fit your eye using our Beauty Scissors (from the outer edge).
  • Reuse your lashes! Most of our styles can be reused up to 25 times with care!
  • Clean your lashes often with soap & warm water, which will remove the built-up adhesive and makeup.
  • Make sure you let your adhesive go tacky before applying the lashes. 
  • Apply mascara before applying your false lashes.


  • Don’t mix up the right lash from the left! Strip lashes are designed with each eye in mind.
  • Don’t apply too much adhesive to the strip lashes. A thin layer of glue is sufficient (with a bit extra on the edges to prevent any lifting if necessary). 
  • Don’t use mascara over your false eyelashes.
  • Don’t rip the lashes off when removing your makeup. Peel off gently from the outer corner, using some makeup remover if necessary. 

Primalash's Guide to Strip Lashes


✨ Don’t give up! Applying false lashes is tricky, and will take a while to get used to. Keep going, babes! ✨


We hope this guide was helpful, babes! If you have any further questions, just drop us an email, or send us a DM via Instagram @primalash_lashes! 

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