The Lashes You NEED For The Ultimate Halloween Looks

The Lashes You NEED For The Ultimate Halloween Looks

Spooky SZN is upon us girlies and we've got the ultimate lashes you NEED to create the best halloween looks this year! 

Let's dive into our gorgeous collection of creative lashes...

1. #Sorceress 🧙‍♀️

Ready to get glam this Halloween? Our Sorceress lashes are here to add a touch of enchantment to your look. With their mystical blend of length and volume, these lashes are made for any and all Halloween looks!

Shop #sorceress here.

2. #Snow Queen ❄️

White lashes? We're OBSESSED! Create a truly unique and mesmerising look this halloween with these unreal white lashes. 

Shop #Snow Queen here.

3. #Bewitched 🌙

Our Bewitched lashes are perfect for all Halloween looks. These lashes add drama and mystery to your look, making them perfect for your Halloween party looks! These are also from our brand NEW Lois x Prima collection.

Shop #bewitched here.

4. #Black Widow 🕷️

These lashes are the key to the most insane Halloween looks! The Black Widow lashes are long, dark, and designed to give your eyes a dramatic, captivating edge.

Shop Black Widow here.

There you have it, the lashes you NEED to make your Halloween look unforgettable. Don't forget to tag us in your makeup looks!🎃        

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