Top Lashes Makeup Artists Swear By

Top Lashes Makeup Artists Swear By

Over the last 10 years we have built a community of makeup artists who all swear by our lashes for their clients makeup looks. We're not ones to gate keep so we wanted to share the Top 5 Lashes that are makeup artist customers are LOVING right now. So if you're looking for some inspo on which lashes to try, read on!👇🏻

Luxury Mink Lash #SIS

We're starting strong with one of our BEST SELLING lash styles for 2023... Luxury Mink #SIS. With their gorgeous full, fluttery fibres that are comfortable on the eye AND last, it's no wonder these lashes are such a hit with MUAs. Did we mention that #SIS is available in varied lengths and in clear and black bands. Try #SIS for yourself, order online here.

Jess Evans x Prima #GRATITUDE

Our Jess Evans range of lashes have been incredibly popular with all of our customers - including MUAs! #GRATITUDE is one of Jess's favourite styles and she wears these often! A gorgeous Luxury Mink Half Lash, #GRATITUDE are the perfect lash for any occasion. Try this style for yourself, you won't regret it! Order online here.

Jess Evans x Prima #CONFIDENCE

And here we are again with ANOTHER lash style from the Jess Evans collaboration. #CONFIDENCE are the perfect lash style for all looks and can suit all eye makeup looks perfectly. Our MUAs have loved #CONFIDENCE in 2023 and we don't see that changing in 2024! Grab this style now, order online here.

Demi Lash Collection Vault

MUAs need a variety of lash styles in their collection and this is where our lash vaults come in! The Demi Lash Collection 2.0 offers the perfect blend of lash styles for absolutely any makeup look. At just £25, this vault is an absolute bargain with each pair of lashes costing under £3.20! Our Half Lashes are £7 individually... try our Demi Lash Vault for yourself, order online here.

All Out Prima

A new product which we have only just introduced is All Out Prima - it's already gone down an absolute treat for our MUAs! This mega lash vault contains 48 pairs of lashes from different collections, including our Salon Lashes, Dainty Collection, Half Lashes and more! At JUST £65, you're getting each lash for just £1.35. Grab All Out Prima online now, order here.

And there you have it - the hottest lashes right now amongst our MUA customers. Give them a try for yourself and order online now at Prima Lash.

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