Winter Lash Care Tips: How to Keep Your Lashes Gorgeous This Season

Winter Lash Care Tips: How to Keep Your Lashes Gorgeous This Season

Winter Lash Care Tips: How to Keep Your Lashes Gorgeous This Season

Winter is well and truly here and the temperatures continue to drop! We're here with our top tips and must-have accessories to ensure your lash game is on point all winter.

Lash Adhesive: 

When it comes to having stunning lashes over winter, you need our trusted adhesive to keep your lash game strong. 

Waterproof strip lash glue

This gem is your winter lash saviour. With its waterproof formula, it's designed to withstand the elements. Say goodbye to lash mishaps caused by rain or snow. It keeps your lashes securely in place, no matter what the weather throws at you.

Just Wing-It 2 in 1 Adhesive Liner 

Applying false lashes can be challenging, especially in chilly weather. But with this 2-in-1 adhesive liner, you can say goodbye to the struggle. Simply glide it on like regular eyeliner, and apply your lashes. It also offers a strong and reliable hold even in cold and dry conditions, ensuring your lashes stay put throughout the day.

Lash Applicator: 

Prima Lash Lash Applicator is a game-changer. It makes applying your lashes a breeze.  No more misplaced lashes or wonky angles!  

Prima Lashes Pointed Tweezers are a must-have for easy and precise lash application. Their fine, pointed tips make it a breeze to pick up and place false lashes exactly where you want them. The precision these tweezers offer ensures a seamless and hassle-free application, making them an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve flawless lash looks. 

Can Also Use For Gentle Removal!: Taking off your false lashes at the end of the day is just as important as putting them on. The winter weather can already be tough on your skin, so be gentle when removing your lashes. Our Prima Lash Lash Applicator Tool makes lash removal a breeze, minimising the risk of damage to your natural lashes or your falsies. No more tugging or pulling!

Lash Storage: 

Let's not forget about proper lash storage! Prima Lash Makeup Bag is not only cute but also practical. It keeps your lashes safe, clean, and ready to use whenever you want to glam up. 

Winter lash care is essential to keep your falsies looking stunning all season long. With Prima Lash's high-quality lash adhesives and accessories, you can brave the winter chill with confidence. Our products are designed to make your lash routine a breeze, ensuring that your lashes stay on point, no matter how cold it gets outside.

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