Finding the Perfect Lashes For Your Unique Eye Shape

Finding the Perfect Lashes For Your Unique Eye Shape

With so many lashes available, it can be overwhelming to choose which ones would best suit yourself and your eye shape. Just like picking the perfect pair of shoes, finding the right lashes for your eyes can make all the difference. So, let's dive in  and explore how to choose the perfect pair for your unique eye shape.

Grab a mirror and let’s discover your eye shape:

Almond-Shaped Eyes:

  • Narrow
  • Slightly pointed at the ends
  • Wider at centre
  • Iris is slightly hidden by upper and lower eyelids

Almond-shaped eyes are considered the ideal canvas for lashes. Lucky you! You can pretty much get away with any lash style. From natural wispy lashes to dramatic, voluminous ones, the world is your oyster. Go wild, experiment, and find what makes your eyes pop. To emphasise the almond shape, we recommend lashes that are evenly distributed in volume and length all the way along the band. 

Round Eyes:

  • Large eyes.
  • Eye whites are more visible, especially below the iris.
  • Height and width of eye are similar.

If your eyes are naturally round, choose a wispy or half lash with more volume towards the outer corner. This will also add length to your eyes and give them a slight cat-eye shape. We recommend avoiding big voluminous lashes, as they will make your eyes appear smaller and eyelids look heavy.

Hooded Eyes:

  • Eyelid crease is not visible when eyes are open.
  • Prominent brow bone.
  • Extra skin right above the crease of the eye.

For those with hooded eyes, the goal is to create the illusion of a larger, more open eye. Choose lashes that are longer in the centre and tapers at both ends to open up your gaze. We recommend shorter and more natural-looking lashes. Same as round eyes, Steer clear of super dramatic, winged-out lashes, as they can make your eyes appear smaller.

Monolid Eyes:

  • No visible crease.
  • Skin covers the upper eyelid area.
  • Typically has straighter natural lashes.

Monolid eyes don't have a visible crease, so the goal is to make them pop! Opt for lashes with a natural curl and volume.  This will add definition and create the illusion of a crease, making your eyes stand out. Same as the previous two, avoid heavy lashes as they will make your eyelids appear weighed down

Downturned Eyes:

  • Outer corners of eyes sit below the centre of pupils.

For downturned eyes, we recommend natural and wispy lashes with the longest lashes in the centre to give your outer corners a subtle, all-round lift. This will help create a subtle cat-eye effect and give your eyes a lifted appearance.

Upturned Eyes:

  • Outer corners of eyes sit higher than the centre of pupils.

With upturned eyes, you can play with various lash styles. However, accentuating the outer corners with lashes that are longer on the edges can create a stunning cat-eye look that complements your natural eye shape.

Close-Set Eyes:

  • The gap between the eyes is less than one eye.

For close-set eyes, focus on lashes that are longer on the outer corners and shorter in the inner corners to visually widen the space between your eyes. Concentrate the drama on the outer corners. This will create a balanced, harmonious look.

Wide-Set Eyes:

  • The gap between the eyes is greater than one eye.

Wide-set eyes have a naturally balanced appearance. You can choose lashes based on your personal style and preference. You can rock the fuller looking lashes to create the illusion of closer eyes. You can also do this by using eyeliner and elongating your tear duct area.  Feel free to experiment with various lash lengths and styles to enhance your already balanced eye shape. Avoid flared out lashes as this will emphasise the distance between your eyes more.

So there you have it, – a crash course on choosing the right lashes for your unique eye shape. Whether you're going for a subtle, everyday look or a show-stopping, dramatic gaze, there's a perfect pair of lashes waiting for you. Happy Shopping! 😊

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