Get That Feline Flick with the Best Lashes for a Cat Eye Effect

Get That Feline Flick with the Best Lashes for a Cat Eye Effect

The cat eye is a timeless and classic style that has been a consistent trend for decades. They suit any occasion and are a perfect go-to look when deciding the best everyday lash. Reading to flaunt the Cat Eye? Here are our faves here at PrimaLash...

1. Luxury Mink Lashes #CATCALL

We’ve got to start with our gorgeous #CATCALL lashes. Specifically designed for that iconic cat eye effect with tapered ends and a winged-out shape, these lashes closely resemble your natural lashes and are comfortable for all-day wear.

Shop luxury mink lashes #catcall here.

2. Demi Half Lash #CAT EYE

Join the trend and see the magic of the half lash. These lashes are designed for the outer corners of your eyes, delivering that coveted cat eye effect without overwhelming your natural lashes. 

Shop demi half lashes #cat eye here.

3. Jess Evans x Prima Luxury Mink Lashes #GRATITUDE

Looking for a bit more drama? Here’s a collaboration you’ll absolutely love! Designed and crafted to perfection, these lashes are the secret to achieving a bold and iconic cat eye look. The winged-out design and tapered ends effortlessly create that captivating flick.

Shop Jess Evans x Prima #gratitude here.

Don’t forget- PrimaLash Lash Glue

Keep your cat eye flicks in place with this reliable adhesive. No more worrying about lashes coming loose!

Shop adhesives here.

Our Tips for Getting That Cat-Eye Look on Fleek...

  1. Curl your natural lashes before applying lashes for a seamless blend
  2. Experiment with different eyeliner styles to enhance your cat eye.
  3. Practice, practice, practice! Perfecting the cat eye look takes time, so don't give up.
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