Introducing our newest collaboration - Lois x Prima

Introducing our newest collaboration - Lois x Prima

We are so excited to launch our newest collaboration -  the much-anticipated Lois x Prima collection! Lois is an incredible content creator with nearly 1 million followers on TikTok and we couldn't be more excited to launch this collection with her. Featuring three stunning lashes, these are guaranteed to elevate your lash game.


Unwritten lashes are designed for those who want to add a touch of subtle allure to their eyes. These lashes are perfect for a natural, everyday look, enhancing your eyes without overpowering them.

When to Wear: Ideal for brunch dates, casual outings, or a day at the office, Unwritten lashes will make you feel effortlessly gorgeous.

Shop Lois x Prima Unwritten here.


If you're looking to make a statement, Bewitched lashes are your go-to choice. These lashes offer a dramatic and sultry look that will leave everyone spellbound.

When to Wear: Perfect for special occasions, date nights, or when you just want to exude confidence.

Shop Lois x Prima #Bewitched here.


The 12/08 lashes are a stunning blend of volume and length. They strike the perfect balance between subtlety and extravagance, giving the most dreamy look!

When to Wear: Suitable for weddings, parties, or any time you want all eyes on you! 12/08 lashes will leave a lasting impression.

Shop Lois x Prima #12/08 here.

Here’s what Lois has to say:

“I am so excited to share with you the Lois x Prima collection. I have created a collection with full variety for everyday beauty lovers to experimental creators. I can’t wait to see your looks! Thank you for making my dreams come true. Love, Lois.”

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