Lash Adhesives and Accessories - Why They Matter SO Much!

Lash Adhesives and Accessories - Why They Matter SO Much!

When it comes to achieving a stunning look with your false lashes and ensuring an easy application, accessories and adhesives are everything! And often something that people overlook. Having the right tools really makes applying false lashes a breeze. The good news is, we have everything you need. Read on for our top tips on a seamless lash application using our lash adhesives and accessories.

Lash Adhesives:

Firstly, let’s talk adhesives. The lash adhesives you use are so important as it plays a big part in the longevity and appearance of your lashes. Our range of adhesives come in two different formats; liner pens and bottle adhesive that is applied to the lash strip with a precise brush. Our adhesives ensure a strong hold, keeping your lashes in place all day so you don’t need to worry!

Our adhesives are available in both clear and black to suit any makeup look. Plus, our liner adhesives double up as an eyeliner for an even quicker eye look!

Lash Applicators: 

Get precision at your fingertips with our lash applicators! With our lash applicators, applying your false lashes has never been easier. With their comfortable grip, they ensure control and help you to place the lash precisely along your lash line. Plus, once the lash is in place, use the clamp to gently secure the lashes to your natural lashes for a seamless look!

Precision scissors:

The best thing about false lashes is how versatile they are for creating different looks to suit you. Our precision scissors are perfect for neatly cutting your lashes to fit your eye. Simply hold up the lash using out applicator to your eye and trim off the excess as needed. These scissors are also great for cutting strip lashes to create a half-lash effect!

Eyelash curlers:

Our eyelash curlers are perfect for curling your natural lash to match the curve of our false lashes. Simply curl your natural lashes before applying your falsies to ensure everything blends together perfectly! These are also great for those no makeup days, helping give your natural lashes a lift to make you look more awake!

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