Our Favourite Lashes As We Head Into 2024

Our Favourite Lashes As We Head Into 2024

2024 is right around the corner, and you know what that means – it's time for us to round up our TOP 5 Lashes that you need in your life in 2024. So read on for THE hottest lashes for 2024 and make sure you grab these styles quickly as these are consistent sell-out styles

Classic Glam- Luxury Mink #SIS

Want to go all out and make a statement? Then these are the lashes for you. With their full volume and dramatic length, these lashes are designed to turn heads. So for all those occasions in 2024, you've found the perfect lash!

Keep it Natural - Dainty Lash #D11

We have lashes for absolutely any occasion... for those times you're aiming for subtle, natural looking glam, #D11 is the lash for you. Our Dainty Lashes are handmade using soft touch fibres making them lightweight and comfortable. An absolute MUST-HAVE for 2024.

A Wispy Dream - Professional Strip Lashes #WISPY

For those who want a softer, more elegant look, our #WISPY lashes are the perfect choice. These lashes offer a feathery, lightweight feel while still providing that extra touch of subtlety with their clear lash band.

The Ultimate Cat Eye - Demi Half Lashes #FLING

Half lashes have enjoyed the spotlight throughout 2023 are STILL going to be such a hit for 2024. #Fling is one of our favourite styles from our half lash collection, and our customers seem to agree... #Fling sells out often, so grab them now whilst you can.

For The Ultimate Versatility - Easi Lash #E305

Applying false lashes has never been easier and we're all about convenience and ease in 2024! Easi Lash lashes are pre-cut into manageable sections to allow you to easily apply lashes.. plus you can fully customise your looks by placing each pre cut section as you please on your lash line. #E305 is our personal fave right now from this collection!

So, there you have it - our TOP 5 lashes that you NEED in your makeup bag for 2024. Shop online now at Prima Lash.

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