The Best False Lashes for Hooded Eyes

The Best False Lashes for Hooded Eyes

False eyelashes are a great way to enhance the look of your eyes and add extra glam to your makeup. However, not all false lashes are created equal, and finding the right pair for your eye shape is important. If you have hooded eyes, there are some gorgeous false lash options available that will suit you perfectly.

Hooded eyes are characterised by a heavy brow bone that causes the eyelid to appear partially or fully hidden when the eyes are open. This can make it challenging to find false lashes that don't overpower the eye or interfere with vision. Lucky for you, we have a range of falsies that are perfect for hooded eyes:

Luxury Mink Strip Lashes #Blushed

#Blushed are a gorgeous winged lash that offer natural volume and medium length, making them perfect for hooded eyes as it doesn't overwhelm the lid.

There are so many benefits to mink lashes too, you can read more about this in our latest blog here!


Irreplaceable is the perfect half lash for those wanting a natural look, they’re the most gorgeous day-time lash! These lashes are placed on the outer corner of the eye to give a subtle cat-eye effect. Half lashes are perfect for those with hooded eyes, since they’re lightweight and won’t weigh down the eye.

irreplaceable product shot

Demi Half Lash #MOVE ON

The next lash that we’d highly recommend for those with hooded eyes are Demi Half Lash #MOVE ON. Again, these offer a stunning, lightweight option that are placed on the outer corner of the eye to create a cat-eye effect. These half lashes are a stunning option which don’t overwhelm your eye, perfect for those with hooded eyes.

move on product shot

Demi Half Lash #PLAYER

These demi lashes are one of our faves😍They’re super natural looking and are the perfect enhancement for those with hooded eyes. Super lightweight, these are comfortable to wear all day without feeling as though they overwhelm your eye or weigh it down. Defo give these ones a try!

player product shot

Petite Lash #P503

Our petite lash range are also perfect for those with hooded eyes. The #P503 are a super natural looking option that don’t overwhelm the eye and are ideal for those wanting a subtle enhancement. The thin, lightweight band and soft fibres make these lashes extremely comfortable to wear!

Petite Lash #P501

Another hugely popular option for those with hooded lashes are our Petite Lash #P501. These are designed to give a natural enhancement to the lash and provide a really comfortable wear! They create a really subtle enhancement without overwhelming the eye… perfect for hooded eyes! These are also available in a clear band as well as black, giving options to suit all makeup looks! 

p501 product shot

Other lash options for hooded eyes

We could carry on recommending different products for days! So, here's a couple others we would suggest trying if you have hooded eyes:

Demi Half Lash #Over You

Professional Strip Lashes #Wispy

Finding the right false lashes for hooded eyes can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered with our wide range. Try some of the above recommendations for yourself!

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