The Best Natural Looking False Eyelashes

The Best Natural Looking False Eyelashes

False eyelashes can instantly enhance your makeup look and add extra glam to your eyes. However, not everyone wants to wear dramatic, full-on lashes… and we fully get that! The good news is, if you are wanting to opt for something on the natural side, you ARE NOT short of options😍

Below are our 5 most popular natural lash options, check them out below and try them for yourself… we promise you won’t regret it

Petite Lash #P503

P503 is the perfect option for those wanting a natural look. They feature a round shape with soft, varied length strands which define and enhance the natural lash. The extra fine material of these lashes mean they are virtually undetectable. So if you’re looking for a natural looking option, these ones are for you!

They’re also available in either clear or black lash bands.

Demi Half Lash #LOVE BOMB

Half lashes are a firm favourite for our customers, and it’s not hard to see why! Half lashes are applied to the outer corner of the eye and are designed to lift the eye and create a cat-eye effect. #LOVE BOMB is the perfect natural-looking half lash that you NEED to try if you’re looking for something a little more subtle.

Demi Half Lash #PLAYER

Another natural half-lash option because we know how much you guys LOVE these lashes! #Player is one of our best-selling half lashes and is perfect for those wanting a natural look.

Professional Strip Lash #D39

Our Dainty lash range are lightweight and comfortable, with each hair carefully placed to create a gorgeous 3D, fluffy appearance. #D39 is perfect for those wanting to add natural volume to their lashes, they’re also our most popular lash for newbies! 

Professional Strip Lash #747

These professional strip lashes are the perfect option for those wanting a natural look! They’re available in four different lengths from XS to L so you can find an option to suit all makeup looks. Give these ones a try, we promise you won’t regret it!

Achieving a natural-looking lash is easy with our wide range of high-quality false lashes. The lashes we’ve spoken about above are our suggestions for those wanting to achieve a natural look, so give them a try for yourself!

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