Winter Lash Trends: What's Hot This Season

Winter Lash Trends: What's Hot This Season

Winter is here, and it's time to upgrade your lash game with the latest trends. Prima Lash is here to give you the inside scoop on what's hot this season. 

Half Lashes: Less Is More

One of the hottest lash trends this year are half lashes. While full lashes have been the go-to choice for many, half lashes are stealing the spotlight with their minimalist yet stunning appeal. These lashes cover only the outer half of your lash line, creating a subtle and natural-looking extension to your eyes.

Here are some stunning half lashes we absolutely LOVE right now:

Demi 1/2 Lash #FLING

Elevate your Christmas party look with #FLING for a natural yet captivating appearance that's perfect for festive celebrations. 

Demi 1/2 Lash #TOXIC

Prima Lash Demi Half Lash #TOXIC brings dramatic volume to your lashes without going overboard. These lashes strike the perfect balance between boldness and natural charm.

Vegan Lashes: Cruelty-Free Beauty

We have a range of vegan lashes that are crafted with high-quality synthetic fibres, providing the luxurious look and feel of real mink or silk lashes.

While we have an extensive collection of cruelty-free lashes to choose from, here are some of our absolute favourites right now:

Luxury Mink Lashes #SIS

Elevate your winter look with PrimaLash Luxury Mink Strip Lashes #SIS (3D). These lashes offer a touch of warmth and elegance, perfect for the season. They're soft, durable, and effortlessly enhance your eyes.

Luxury Mink Lashes #ICED

For a striking yet not overpowering winter look, choose PrimaLash Luxury Mink Strip Lashes #ICED. These lashes offer the perfect balance of drama and subtlety, adding just the right amount of volume and length to enhance your eyes.

Embracing the Beauty of Natural Lashes

In 2023, the natural lash trend is on the rise. Effortless, versatile, and low maintenance, natural lashes enhance your beauty without overshadowing your eyes. We offer a range of natural lash styles to help you embrace this timeless trend with quality and style.

Demi Half Lashes #LOVEBOMB

Dainty Lash #D20

Luxury Mink Lashes #DEMURE

So there you have it, our favourite lashes right now for the festive season, which lashes are your favourite? Shop hundreds of styles now at Prima Lash.

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