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Hair Care Mystery Box

Hair Care Mystery Box

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Hair Care Box: Get hair ready with us and buy one of our limited edition hair care mystery bundles!


In the £30 Standard Box you will get over £65 worth of product and...

The buyer will receive 7 products from our available:

  • 1 x Large Towel
  • 1 x Small Hair Wrap Towel - matching design with large towel.
  • 1 x Heatless Hair Curler - purple OR pink.
  • 1 x Hair Clip set of 8 - several colour selections are available.
  • 1 x Large detangling hairbrush
  • 1 x Head Massager - for in shower use to give you the spa feel at home.
  • 1 x Fluffy headband - several colour options are available for this.
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