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Demi (1/2) Lash Mystery Bundle

Demi (1/2) Lash Mystery Bundle

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Our 3 lash bags are extremely popular and it's easy to see why!


You are guaranteed 3 pairs of lashes from our Demi 1/2 Lash Collection (our most popular collection) plus an adhesive for only £15 which is over £30 worth of product!


Each bag will have an adhesive and 3 lashes from our Demi Lash Collection and can include:

  • #HONESTY (1/2 Demi Lash)
  • #FLING (1/2 Demi Lash)
  • #OVER YOU (1/2 Demi Lash)
  • #SIDE FLICK (1/2 Demi Lash)
  • #CAT EYE (1/2 Demi Lash)
  • #EXCLUSIVE (1/2 Demi Lash)
  • #TOXIC (1/2 Demi Lash)
  • #MOVE ON (1/2 Demi Lash)
  • #FLIRT (1/2 Demi Lash)
  • #IRREPLACABLE (1/2 Demi Lash)


Disclaimer: Please note the lash styles will be chosen by our warehouse team depending on product availability and each bag will differ.


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